Jon Cross Treasurer

Managing Director, Essenjay Associates

In his 3rd career, Jon has over 20 years’ experience at senior levels within property services. Responsible for asset management and RMI functions with RSL’s from 6,000 to 35,000 units.  Key achievements include creating CITB Multi Skills qualifications, building the first Multi Skills Training Centre in the UK, part of the Government Green Deal development team.

Member of Acquisition & Merger team bringing two significant RSL’s together, creating and embedding a DLO servicing 35,000 units.

Won first SHIFT Gold award for medium sized RSL in UK. Won Inside Housing community award for delivering a House of the Future project with schools and the community.

A fellow of the Institute of Directors and current NHMF Treasurer. He is an independent non-executive director, serves on several local committees and is currently working on several National Environmental projects.    



Business development, asset management solutions, alternative investment opportunities, portfolio management strategies, RMI turnarounds and performance reviews. Preparing organisations for incorporation, mentoring individuals and investigation work.

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