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Introduction to the NHMF Contractor Forum

Established to act as the trade affiliation for contractors working on social housing with the goal of creating more alignment between contractors, clients and sub-contractors, the Forum works with the National Housing Maintenance Forum (NHMF) in promoting good practice in the procurement and management of repairs.

For many years the NHMF have had at least one contractor represented on their committee, making sure we understand the contractors’ perspective in developing the M3NHF Schedule of Rates and related products. And we have involved many contractors in training sessions and conferences to promote good practice. We thought there was more we could learn from your experience, and wanted to involve contractors at an earlier stage in consultation on development of the schedules and diagnostic systems that are now almost universally used by social housing providers.

The Forum has now met twelve times. They first met in January 2012 at the NHMF Maintenance Conference and the last meeting was in London in March 2015. We have agreed the aims and scope of the Forum, its membership, the fees needed to fund it and terms of reference. The terms can be viewed here.

We have also begun to tackle a number of issues of common concern to contractors.


If you are already a member of the contractor forum you can visit the members’ area to get support, logos and M3 schedule reference files.

Membership is open to any contractor providing maintenance services to managed housing. The company would be the member, with a named representative who would be our point of contact. You can complete the form here for membership. The initial membership includes a good cross-section of large, medium and smaller sized contractors and specialist sub-contractors. The forum is chaired by Paul Reader from Morgan Sindall Property Services, with Neil Watts of Breyer as deputy chair, and Liz Circuit as secretary. It is serviced by M3 who also service the NHMF.

The benefits of membership include the opportunity to participate in meetings of the Forum and to shape the development of products and services that are widely used in the sector. Members receive copies of the NHMF Bulletin and are kept informed of the development of products, services, seminars and conferences under the NHMF banner, with opportunities to get involved in matters of interest to them.

Any contractors interested in joining the forum should complete the NHMF Contractor Forum membership form. Meetings are open to subscribing members of the Contractor Forum.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday 30 September 2015

Topics discussed at previous meetings included:

  • Producing a procurement guide aimed at reducing some of the costs of tendering for both contractor and client whilst promoting effective competition
  • Providing direction for market development: price per property is being used but could the industry develop this further?
  • Establishing an industry standard for the handling of TUPE at contract handover
  • Establish consistent standards of best practice
  • Assisting clients with training to improve how they use the SoR and to reduce differences in the way they are interpreted

Minutes from the previous meeting are available in the member's area.