Conference Speakers

Professor Pete Walker

Department of of Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath

Pete is a fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers (UK) and a chartered civil engineer in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of Bath. Having previously worked in Zimbabwe and Australia, Pete joined the University of Bath in 1998. He was appointed as the Professor of Innovative Construction Materials in 2006. Pete’s research work continues to be centred on the development of low carbon technologies suitable for new and retrofitting applications. Since working at Bath Pete has also led various research projects developing straw bale construction, hemp-lime construction, and innovative timber engineering. His research work initially centred on physical, mechanical and structural characterisation, but has developed to include work on heat and moisture transfer in porous materials, life-cycle appraisal, environmental monitoring and testing, and indoor environmental quality. Pete is a Principal Investigator and Co-Director for AHRC Transforming Housing and Homes for Future Generations Green Transition Ecosystem project.

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