Building Safety Remediation - The Code of Practice for the Remediation of Residential Buildings

Residents must be at the heart of building safety. This includes the significant and disruptive works required to remediate buildings, with those responsible for the project and works considering residents as a key stakeholder throughout.


The Code of Practice for the Remediation of Residential Buildings was published on 27 July 2023. It sets the standard that government expects of all building safety remediation projects and those responsible for any part of them, in accounting for residents as a key stakeholder.

The Code requires that residents are appropriately informed and communicated with, meaningfully engaged in decisions that impact them and that reasonable steps are taken to mitigate the impact of the project on residents’ lives. It also provides guidance to all those responsible for any part of the project in meeting the Code’s expectations.

The government is supporting the implementation of the Code and is:

  • Raising awareness of the Code and government’s expectations across all those with a role in remediation projects and residents
  • Co-developing guidance to support projects and residents in ensuring that residents are accounted for as a key stakeholder
  • Continuing to collect and review feedback on the Code’s implementation and residents’ experiences
  • Continuing to drive compliance with the Code for all those involved in remediation projects

As social housing providers, you have a commitment to your residents which goes beyond remediation projects. These are peoples’ homes and lives, it is central to your purpose that they are treated as such in everything you do. 

If you would like to join the work to support the Codes implementation, then please contact Joolz Masters, details below.

We are particularly interested in your experiences of remediation projects and accounting for your residents.


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With thanks to Joolz Masters | Lead of Resident Strategy and Insights in Building Safety Remediation | DLUHC

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