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17-18 May 2023 | Slough & Oxford

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17-18 May 2023
Slough & Oxford

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This year's study tour has already finished. Participants may log in to view all available presentations and reports during the tour.

NHMF Study Tour 2023

The annual NHMF Study Tour is attended by members of the NHMF Committee and Service Provider Forum. The tour is open to Directors or Senior Managers working in social housing maintenance or asset management from across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.


Reasons to Attend

  • Learning
  • Information sharing
  • Networking
  • New working methods
  • Examples of practical applications
  • Innovation
  • Use of technology in practice


Study Tour 2023

Octopus Energy, Slough & Oxford Brookes University


Site visit to the £10M Octopus Energy Research & Development Centre in Slough.

Expert speakers covering topics such as renewable energy, the national carbon reduction challenge and re-training engineers for retrofit Heat Pumps, Solar Voltaic, and EVs.

Walking tour of Oxford city centre, highlighting its unique architecture and renowned universities

A range of presentations delivered at Oxford Brookes University covering topics such as Damp & Mould, Net Zero and Low Carbon Construction Research, Indoor Air Quality, Building Overheating and Training and Skills.


What's in store for 2024?

Join us in Sweden

Booking information & programme details coming soon.


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