We have tried, where possible, to ensure that acronyms are explained within articles. However...

For those instances where this was not possible, we have listed some commonly used acronyms.

Acronym  Explanation
AHBs Approved Housing Bodies
ACOP  Approved Code of Practice
ALMO  Arm’s-Length Management Organisation
BPE  Innovate UK Building Performance Programme
CDM  Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
CRM  Customer Relationship Manager
CSR  Corporate Social Responsibility
CSV  Cost Sharing Vehicle
DECC  Department of Energy and Climate Change
DLO  Direct Labour Organisation
ECA  Electrical Contractors’ Association
ECO  Energy Company Obligation
EDI  Electronic Data Interchange
EPC  Energy Performance Certificate
ESDN  European Single Notification Documents
ESF  Electrical Safety First
EU  European Union
EWI  External wall insulation
FfI  Fee for Intervention
GLAs  Greater London Authorities
HCA  Homes and Communities Agency
HHRNSH  High Heat Retention Night Storage Heaters
HHSRS Housing Health and Safety Rating System
HSE  Health & Safety Executive
HSENI  Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland
HSW  Health and Safety at Work
HSWA  Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
IAQ Internal Air Quality
JCT  Joint Contracts Tribunal
JV  Joint Venture
KPIs  Key Performance Indicators
KTN  Knowledge Transfer Network
LED  Light Emitting Diode
LGSR  Landlords Gas Safety Record
LIHC  Low Income Housing Coalition
LLP  Limited Liability Partnership
MEV  Mechanical Extraction Ventilation system
MMC  Modern Methods of Construction
MVHR  Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system
NEC  New Engineering Contract
NHF  National Housing Federation
NHMF  National Housing Maintenance Forum
NPV  Net Present Value
NVQ  National Vocational Qualifications
OJEU  Official Journal of the European Union
PPP  Price per Property
PPR  Painting, Plastics and Repair
PQQ  Pre-qualification Questions
PRS  Private Rented Sector
PV  Photovoltaic  
QLTA  Quality Long Term Agreement
rdSAP  Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure
RH  Relative Humidity
RHI  Renewable Heat Incentive
RTB Rent to Buy  
RPs  Registered Providers
SAP  Standard Assessment Procedure
SHIFT  Sustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow
SIS  Stock Information Survey
SMEs  Small and Medium Enterprises
SMV  Standard Minute Values
SoR  Schedule of Rates
STPC  Specialist Term Partnering Contract
SWI  Solid Wall Insulation
TLO  Tenant Liaison Officer
TPC  TPC 2005 ACA Standard Form of Contract for Term Partnering - Amended 2008
TSC  Term Services Contract
TUPE  Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)
UAV  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (in other words a Drone)
UPVC  Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride
WOS  Wholly Owned Subsidiary

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