Contractor Forum round-up

Sustainability and collaboration continue to top the agenda


Last week, the latest Contractor Forum meeting took place, and members came away with a renewed sense of ‘we’re in this together’ when it comes to working with social housing clients to combat challenges like climate change, decarbonisation, skills shortages and ever-increasing expectations. 

First on the agenda was a really interesting presentation by Dr Jenny Brierley, who focused on the important role that contractors can play in maintaining fresh air and low carbon across the UK’s housing stock. The session explored why maintenance services are the missing link and how this can be fixed. Drawing on her extensive research, Jenny looked at the ways in which contractors can offer efficiencies to deliver a service that maintains the health of residents. 

‘Meeting the challenges together’ was the focus of the presentation by Mathew Bishop from Lumensol Consulting, looking at how contractors and clients can help each other in a challenging world of rising costs, skills shortages, looming carbon reduction obligations and ever-evolving customer needs and expectations. Engendering lively debate and an interactive session, members came away with ideas about how to be clearer on what clients are worried out, what they need from their contractors, and how future contracting models can enable the challenges to be solved together.

The next Contractor Forum meeting is on Wednesday 14th September in London.

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