NHMF Awards 2024 - Congratulations to the Winners!

The annual NHMF Awards allow social landlords and contractors to showcase the most innovative projects and individuals that excel in improving quality and efficiency.




The 2024 Conference explored ‘CHANGE’ to see how - in a constantly evolving landscape, the sector could deliver impactful responses without neglecting the basics. Its key themes were:

  • Fire & Building Safety
  • Net Zero
  • Damp & Mould
  • New Technology

The winners and shortlisted schemes were of a high standard showing how innovation, technology, and partnership working between landlords, supply chains and residents could improve performance, customer service, efficiency and reduce operating costs. All entries

provided clear evidence of the benefits to residents, landlords and the wider community from best practice.

With the Government’s focus on residents’ experience and increasing scrutiny by Government, the Regulator, the Housing Ombudsman, media, and residents, the sector must learn from best practice. The NHMF’s mission is to help the sector learn from each another by sharing what works and what does not. The sector must be willing to CHANGE.

These Awards (Winners and shortlisted entries) show how the sector can improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs, and avoid common pitfalls to ensure residents live in homes fit for the 21st Century, homes that are safe, warm, and healthy.

What were the common themes?

  • Technology – all the entries used technology to improve the service being provided to customers. One example was monitoring of homes before and after retrofit, both to check performance and to learn lessons for future schemes. This scheme also linked environmental safety monitoring to fire safety systems. Another project used technology to empower engineers responding to responsive repairs to deal with them directly to reduce the time taken to diagnose, plan and carry out the work.
  • Innovation – the Most Innovative Property Service winner showed how technology could empower engineers to diagnose repairs, plan work and liaise directly with residents. This not only improved the customer experience, with residents feeling engaged throughout, but increased efficiency and reduced operating costs. Innovation, combined with technology, can transform repairs services. The Delegates’ Choice showed how an innovative repair solution enabled failed, misted double-glazed window units to be given a further 10 years’ service, improving efficiency, reducing costs, carbon emissions and waste.
  • Collaboration – many of the projects showed the importance and benefits of residents being engaged and involved throughout the project, something the Government expects the sector to do. This should start before proposals have been developed so residents can contribute to the project. The Best Customer Impact winner demonstrated a bold and innovative approach to co-working with residents on grounds maintenance, bringing together residents and grounds maintenance teams to provide access to better quality green space. A great community impact and sustainable value for money by empowering residents to take pride and responsibility for their green space. As well as collaboration with residents, the Net Zero Carbon winner showed the importance and value of working with the supply chain and consultants to think holistically about all the planned work to get the right specification to address the requirements for fire and building safety as well as net zero carbon.
  • People – the Apprentice and Rising Star Awards demonstrated the impact having people with the right qualities – tenacity, the ability to learn quickly, accept more responsibility, and to problem-solve, using technology and data. The winners showed how important interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team were, particularly when having more of a leadership role. To continually improve services and customer experience, requires drive and energy to “get things right”, an unwavering commitment to their work and the willingness to innovate. Such people have a bright future, with the potential to rise to director level quickly.

What can the sector learn from the NHMF Awards?

  • All the approaches and technology used by these schemes can be used by others. This was a question addressed in each award and is designed to inspire and to demonstrate the wider relevance for the sector.
  • Benefits of showcasing and sharing best practice and innovation so the sector can learn from other organisations. The NHMF is committed to sharing best practice to improve the performance of how the sector manages and maintains its homes for the benefit of its residents, something the Government, Regulator and Ombudsman are all focusing on.
  • Collaboration and long-term partnerships offer opportunities to improve and innovate.

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