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Carbon Net Zero resources

For social landlords and their contractors wanting to make their organisations carbon net zero, there are many resources to help them plan how to do this.


Building Safety Lessons from Early Adopters - Q&A Briefing

Brent O’Halloran (Clarion) and Neil Yeomans (Orbit), shared the lessons they have learnt as part of the Government’s Early Adopters scheme on Building Safety at an NHMF webinar.


Building Safety Regulator - Q&A briefing

What is happening with the Building Safety Bill?


Why should social landlords start decarbonisation now?

There is a Climate Emergency. The sooner social landlords, their contractors and suppliers start to decarbonise their activities, the less risks and costs they will face. The following Q&A explains what the risks are, what can be done and how to get started.


Asbestos (September 2021 Update)

This guide covers social landlords’ responsibilities for managing any asbestos, including asbestos containing material (ACM), in their properties to protect anyone using or working in their premises from the risks to health that exposure to asbestos causes.


Fire safety (August 2021 Update)

This guide covers social landlords’ responsibilities for fire safety in residential premises, including individual homes, purpose-built blocks of flats and sheltered housing. It does not cover property protection or insurance requirements in the case of fire.

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