Gas safety, heating and hot water

This guide covers social landlords’ responsibilities when providing heating and hot water to residents, whether this is by individual property-based systems, such as domestic gas boiler or by communal systems, including district heating.

Harvest Housing Group

Achieving and maintaining 100% compliance with gas safety all the time, is something of a holy grail for housing providers. Many achieve or get very close to it on occasions, but few are able to maintain 100% compliance week in week out. At Harvest Housing Group we work with 3 gas partners covering 18,000 properties, and have been extremely successful in delivering 100% compliance over a sustained period of time. We believe our partnerships with PH Jones, AFM and Holdscroft, the innovation we have implemented and the pro-active approach we have embedded throughout our organisation make our contract for gas servicing and breakdown one of the best managed external contracts in the sector.

Norwich City Council

Norwich City Council has developed some innovative approaches to promoting gas safety for all, and raising awareness for the next generation. Working in partnership with the Gas Safe Register, our contractor, local high schools, tenants and leaseholders to raise awareness of gas safety, we are leading the way forward to ensure that our communities are a safer place to live. With a user friendly website, purely to promote gas safety and contact for gas related issues, and our ongoing work within our local communities including working with high schools and young people, we have not only maintained access to our properties in accordance with the Gas Safety Regulations for a 4 year period, but we have raised the levels of gas safety awareness across a diverse range of people and communities, and continue to promote the safe use of gas to all.

Harvest Housing Group

Harvest set up a 7-year repairs and gas partnering contract with Cruden Property Services and PH Jones in 2007, to cover 10,000 homes, with a value of £45m.

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