Oil-fired appliances

Flues, Chimneys and air supply should be installed in accordance with relevant standards and should be properly maintained.

Legislation and Statutory requirements

There is no specific legislation for oil-fired appliances but general safety is covered by the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and the General Product Safety Regulations 1994, while the Competent Person (Statutory Instrument 2007 No 3384) legislates who should install and maintain oil-fired appliances. Bulk oil storage is controlled by The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001, primarily to safeguard against oil leaks and pollution. Part J of the Building Regulations advises that ‘for combustion appliances to continue to work safely and effectively it is essential that they are adequately and regularly serviced and maintained’.

Flues, Chimneys and air supply should be installed in accordance with relevant standards and should be properly maintained.

OFTEC is a trade association that works on behalf of the oil heating and cooking industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland, representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers and training providers. It also takes a lead role in setting industry standards and manages a competent person registration scheme for technicians who install, commission and service heating and cooking equipment.

Landlords’ responsibilities

While there is no legal requirement in the United Kingdom for a landlord to obtain a landlord safety certificate for oil fired equipment installed within a property, landlords should ensure that oil fired appliances installed in their properties are adequately and regularly serviced and maintained and that flues are operating safely. OFTEC has published a Home guide to oil and solid fuel heating in rented accommodation, as part of a series of Home Guides and Information Sheets. OFTEC has also published guidance on need to verify an installation’s compliance with the Building Regulations, health & safety and efficiency regulatory requirements. (Landlord oil installation check forms CD/12 are available for OFTEC registered technicians to purchase.

Compliance – good and efficient practice

BS 5410: Part 1 requires oil fired appliances and equipment to be serviced periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Oil storage tanks and oil supply pipe work should be checked for general condition and any leaks repaired. It is recommended that an OFTEC Registered Technician services and inspects oil fired installations at least annually.

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