Customer focus - the best way to do well in a Short Notice Inspection

To achieve three star rating and do wel in short notice inspections, housing associations must put their residents at the heart of their service. Benchmarking allows organisations to look at themselves objectively and target areas requiring improvement.

Checkmate and Ocean Housing

Delivering best practice and continuous improvement is all about researching the market place, measuring performance and costs, identifying good practice, implementing new methods of work, monitoring effectiveness and maintaining the process.

Launch of Checkmate

The Checkmate Club was launched in 2000 as a national cross-sector benchmarking club for repairs and maintenance. KPMG produced the first reports at Christmas, with updates to include later entrants at Easter.

Checkmate for Best Value

Last year the South West HAMMAR group turned their attention to how they should review their repairs and maintenance services for Best Value.

Performance Indicators: Update

The findings of the Housing Corporation’s 2005 evaluation of Performance Indicator data gave rise to some concern about the repairs and maintenance PIs.

Our mission statement

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