Bromford Living

Bromford Living operates over 52 Local Authorities with a diverse portfolio from modern new build technology to Regency listed buildings and equally diverse customers from specialist young persons accommodation to housing specifically for the visually impaired and traditional supported and general needs. Services have to be adaptable and evolve. We have developed and maintained a holistic approach to maintenance that delivers exceptional results.

The Wrekin Housing Trust

Lean techniques and works category teams yield proven cost savings Wrekin Housing Trust is always looking for new ways to maximise its resources while enhancing the customer experience. Delivering its major improvement programme was no exception, with the organisation going beyond its own industry borders to find new and innovative ways of moving forward. The task was to increase overall customer satisfaction to more than 98% when delivering the major improvement programme, and at the same time reduce the cost of that delivery. Striving for continual improvement the team settled on lean thinking from the automotive industry as well as the category management model from the retail sector to help them achieve these goals. At the end of the process the results were clear; customer satisfaction has been raised to 98.7% with cost savings of around 2.9m or 10% of the budget which was used to fund additional improvements to the Trusts housing stock.

Parkway Green Housing Trust

Parkway Green has overhauled its in-house repairs service solely based the feedback from its employees and most importantly its customers. This kicked off the 'Repairs Excellence Project' which implemented radical changes in the way the repairs and gas service was delivered around customer need. As a result of this project the Trust has seen 278,00 savings based on efficiency measures put in place and radical changes in working practices tailored around customer feedback. This project has developed Initiatives called PG Turnaround and PG Gateway, these projects has seen ex-offenders secure permanent employment and local students the opportunity to gain practical on-the-job experience whilst completing their education. The repairs service has been recently accredited by HQN whom awarded full and unconditional HQN accreditation. HQN were particularly impressed with the lengths to which staff strive to provide excellence and we will be showcasing the many areas of innovation and best practice identified.

Wirral Partnership Homes

The evolution of WPH's asset management and maintenance service review can be traced back to customer feedback stemming from research undertaken in 2009. In response Wirral Partnership Homes undertook a fundermental review of its approach to the provision of quality housing and quality services for customers. The review focused on repairs and maintenance, capital investment, development and improving efficiency. The reviews outcome resulted in improved customers satisfaction levels of 95.9%, service delivery savings in excess of £1.5m and the lauch of a 400 unit new build programme.

Merlin Works

Merlin Works has undergone a transition since transfer from South Gloucestershire Council to improve the service it delivers to its residents through increased use of ICT. Initially PDA's were introduced, trackers added to company vehicles and Opti Time introduced for dynamic scheduling of the workforce. Performance improvements have been evidenced throughout the process and ongoing improvements are recognised. The next stages are planned and fully tested and trialled prior to implementation to ensure the service continues to run smoothly at all times and no disruption is felt by the service users. Merlin Works ensures that its implementation of ICT is to improve the service for the residents it serves and the staff it employs.

Willow Park Housing Trust

Property Direct is the DLO responsible for maintaining 7,870 homes at Willow Park Housing Trust, an LSVT in south Manchester, with 180 staff and a turnover of £11 million. They set up Willows Future Academy to create training and employment opportunities in and around Wythenshawe, entirely funded from the £400,000 pa efficiency savings arising from increased productivity. This includes 10 new apprenticeships this year, 3 NVQ placements at The Manchester College, and 24 job trainees all of whom had personal development plans and 6 of whom got jobs at the Trust. With other local partners they helped run Get Hired events in the area giving local people access to jobs, with local employers who used the event to showcase their vacancies. 1,700 people attended and 101 were employed. Some 140 people have come off benefits as a result of this work, at a saving to the public purse of £475,000. Property Direct used £100,000 of their own resources to convert their old office HQ into a Business Enterprise Centre with 25 units, 14 of which have been occupied since they were completed in September 2011, enabling local entrepreneurs to create employment opportunities. They now provide evening and weekend repairs, largely funded from reductions in overtime, reducing the average time to complete a repair from 7 to 5 days, and increasing customer satisfaction from 92% to 96%.

Plus Dane Group

This award submission is from the 12 residents of Plus Dane Housing who are nominating them for their inclusion and engagement of residents in the procurement process of a £32 Million Contract for Plus Dane responsive repairs, out of hours emergency works, packaged repairs, work to void properties and gas servicing to 7,000 homes. Sitting alongside this process is the outstanding engagement and inclusion of residents in the process through the Procurement Commissioning Team and Asset Management Engagement Group. 'Our Story' tells you how it was managed and delivered from a residents view point and is an example of good practice to other organisations who want to include residents and give them more of a say in the quality of services they receive.

Delivery: the choice is yours

The demise of major contractors, 20% VAT rate and pressures on public expenditure and local government pension schemes (in spite of the HRA review) have led housing providers to explore a range of different delivery options for repairs and maintenance. Andrew explored the range of options that organisations are adopting, including setting up an in-house maintenance team, shared services arrangements, joint ventures and outsourced delivery options. He explains the main advantages and disadvantages of each option and the benefits and risks associated with them.

Going digital

With analogue TV due for switch-off as early as 2008, housing associations and local authorities need to prepare now for the digital revolution.


SHIFT is a membership scheme providing a comprehensive environmental assessment of an organisation’s sustainability and an overall rating.

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