Bromford Living

Bromford Living operates over 52 Local Authorities with a diverse portfolio from modern new build technology to Regency listed buildings and equally diverse customers from specialist young persons accommodation to housing specifically for the visually impaired and traditional supported and general needs. Services have to be adaptable and evolve. We have developed and maintained a holistic approach to maintenance that delivers exceptional results.

Bournville Village Trust

Bournville Village Trust has a proud heritage of providing amongst the highest quality homes within our sector. Maintaining this reputation though requires a holistic strategy that ensures that standards of housing stock do not remain static, but are improving on an ongoing basis. In order to meet this aspiration in the digital age, Bournville Village trust has utilised cutting edge IT systems based around ECMK's Integrator that have enabled us to achieve incredible results in areas of both of customer satisfaction and financial management, as well as ensuring that all communication is as efficient as possible.

Wirral Partnership Homes

The evolution of WPH's asset management and maintenance service review can be traced back to customer feedback stemming from research undertaken in 2009. In response Wirral Partnership Homes undertook a fundermental review of its approach to the provision of quality housing and quality services for customers. The review focused on repairs and maintenance, capital investment, development and improving efficiency. The reviews outcome resulted in improved customers satisfaction levels of 95.9%, service delivery savings in excess of £1.5m and the lauch of a 400 unit new build programme.

Three Oaks Homes

A key element to sustaining the long term tenancies is to provide homes that meet the needs of tenants both now and in the future. To this effect, Three Oaks Homes Investment Programme was conceived and designed to enable our more vulnerable tenants to have access and use of their home for longer, enabling them to live in a safe environment, whilst preserving their independence and dignity through providing sustainable homes. For example as part of our investment programme, all tenants have a real choice of selecting their bathrooms, whether level access shower, shower cubicle or bath with integrated shower. This approach has been an integral element of our programme in relation to replacing any building component. Through this contract we have provided real choice to all our residents and ultimately this has maximised the level of customer satisfaction.

Plus Dane Group

This award submission is from the 12 residents of Plus Dane Housing who are nominating them for their inclusion and engagement of residents in the procurement process of a £32 Million Contract for Plus Dane responsive repairs, out of hours emergency works, packaged repairs, work to void properties and gas servicing to 7,000 homes. Sitting alongside this process is the outstanding engagement and inclusion of residents in the process through the Procurement Commissioning Team and Asset Management Engagement Group. 'Our Story' tells you how it was managed and delivered from a residents view point and is an example of good practice to other organisations who want to include residents and give them more of a say in the quality of services they receive.

Stock Rationalisation

Housing associations are not yet piling them high and selling them cheap, but the sector (supported by the Housing Corporation) is disposing of a significant number of 'surplus' homes as part of a stock rationalisation process.

Mobile working

Mandy Hughes writes about how new technology makes remote working cheaper, more efficient, safer and easier.

EPCs: making the most of the data

Using the valuable data collected for Energy Performance Certificates

Stock survey strategies

Far too many housing associations and local authorities leave it up to their surveyors to decide what data they need to collect in a stock condition survey.

Health Check asset management and maintenance

Tim Wilson and David Miller of M3 Housing ran a workshop at the NHMF Conference in 2005 on how to run a Health Check on their asset management and maintenance.

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