M & Y, part of The Regenda Group

M & Y are a recently harmonised DLO with a high drive to succeed and a competitive edge. M & Y have trebled in size in the last 12 months and diversified into many new services, managing to maintain high levels of performance and customer service in their exisiting responsive repairs delivery. M & Y have won many awards for their best practice, social responsibility and quality of work. We have strong customer focus, endless passion and enthusiasm and believe our service is exceptional. M & Y has a very commercial edge and strong social values. M & Y staff demonstrate passion, commitment and courage on a daily basis and through this have very good resident support and involvement. M & Y are the contractor of choice for Regenda and are looking to become the contractor of choice for external providers soon too, the sky is the limit

Parkway Green Housing Trust

Parkway Green made improvements to working practices which have saved £278,000 pa whilst tailoring the service to suit what customers want.

Parkway Green Housing Trust

Parkway Green has overhauled its in-house repairs service solely based the feedback from its employees and most importantly its customers. This kicked off the 'Repairs Excellence Project' which implemented radical changes in the way the repairs and gas service was delivered around customer need. As a result of this project the Trust has seen 278,00 savings based on efficiency measures put in place and radical changes in working practices tailored around customer feedback. This project has developed Initiatives called PG Turnaround and PG Gateway, these projects has seen ex-offenders secure permanent employment and local students the opportunity to gain practical on-the-job experience whilst completing their education. The repairs service has been recently accredited by HQN whom awarded full and unconditional HQN accreditation. HQN were particularly impressed with the lengths to which staff strive to provide excellence and we will be showcasing the many areas of innovation and best practice identified.

City West Housing Trust

In 2009 City West Housing Trust established an in-house maintenance service to deliver a repairs service to its 14,600 properties. In order to deliver the most cost effective and efficient service, innovative developments and the "can do, will do" culture of the organisation has ensured high levels of customer satisfaction have been maintained. The past three years have seen the creation of an in-house service centre and the creation of 150 jobs through the City West Skills Programme. City West has demonstrated how investing in an in-house Responsive Repairs Team can greatly improve service delivery, customer satisfaction and value for money.

Domus Maintenance Services LLP

Two years ago Shepherds Bush Housing Group took the rare step of setting up a joint venture (Domus) with our maintenance company (CMS). Domus is 51% owned by SBHG, 49% by CMS. Its 50 staff are part of SBHG and benefit from our culture and training (IIP Champion status) giving us a highly skilled, motivated team. Cost savings last year of £250,000 were re-invested in life-enhancing services for some of our most vulnerable residents. Improvements include real time information on repair progress using PDAs, a reliable appointment system booked when the repair is reported, text and phone to remind people when the operative will arrive, repairs desk open 8.00 am to 10.00 pm 7 days a week with email and on-line repairs reporting also available, and an effective CRM system to tailor services to the needs of individual customers. This year satisfaction with repairs hit 97%, making it among the highest in the country. Domus delivers even more ambitious goals as we sell its service to others which reduces overheads and offers our residents even greater value for money. In the past year this has paid for ten additional kitchen and bathrooms and allowed us to continue our home adaptation work for our most vulnerable residents.

Willow Park Housing Trust

Property Direct is the DLO responsible for maintaining 7,870 homes at Willow Park Housing Trust, an LSVT in south Manchester, with 180 staff and a turnover of £11 million. They set up Willows Future Academy to create training and employment opportunities in and around Wythenshawe, entirely funded from the £400,000 pa efficiency savings arising from increased productivity. This includes 10 new apprenticeships this year, 3 NVQ placements at The Manchester College, and 24 job trainees all of whom had personal development plans and 6 of whom got jobs at the Trust. With other local partners they helped run Get Hired events in the area giving local people access to jobs, with local employers who used the event to showcase their vacancies. 1,700 people attended and 101 were employed. Some 140 people have come off benefits as a result of this work, at a saving to the public purse of £475,000. Property Direct used £100,000 of their own resources to convert their old office HQ into a Business Enterprise Centre with 25 units, 14 of which have been occupied since they were completed in September 2011, enabling local entrepreneurs to create employment opportunities. They now provide evening and weekend repairs, largely funded from reductions in overtime, reducing the average time to complete a repair from 7 to 5 days, and increasing customer satisfaction from 92% to 96%.

Derwentside Homes

Derwentside Homes is a five-year-old medium-sized housing association based in North West County Durham. It is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee with a housing stock of around 6,600 properties which were transferred to the company from Derwentside District Council in December 2006. Since then the journey of Derwentside Homes' in house DLO has been a one of modernisation, transformation and cultural change.

Blackpool Coastal Housing

Award submission for The Best DLO, providing the most innovative maintenance service.

Definitely MORE than what it says on the tin!!

Estuary Housing Association Best DLO Awards Application

Diversification of DLO Activity into Retrofit

Radian Services Best DLO Awards Application

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