Bournville Village Trust

Bournville Village Trust has a proud heritage of providing amongst the highest quality homes within our sector. Maintaining this reputation though requires a holistic strategy that ensures that standards of housing stock do not remain static, but are improving on an ongoing basis. In order to meet this aspiration in the digital age, Bournville Village trust has utilised cutting edge IT systems based around ECMK's Integrator that have enabled us to achieve incredible results in areas of both of customer satisfaction and financial management, as well as ensuring that all communication is as efficient as possible.

Parkway Green Housing Trust

Parkway Green has overhauled its in-house repairs service solely based the feedback from its employees and most importantly its customers. This kicked off the 'Repairs Excellence Project' which implemented radical changes in the way the repairs and gas service was delivered around customer need. As a result of this project the Trust has seen 278,00 savings based on efficiency measures put in place and radical changes in working practices tailored around customer feedback. This project has developed Initiatives called PG Turnaround and PG Gateway, these projects has seen ex-offenders secure permanent employment and local students the opportunity to gain practical on-the-job experience whilst completing their education. The repairs service has been recently accredited by HQN whom awarded full and unconditional HQN accreditation. HQN were particularly impressed with the lengths to which staff strive to provide excellence and we will be showcasing the many areas of innovation and best practice identified.

Gedling Homes

Gedling Homes appointed Bullock Construction in 2011 to undertake a £9 million 3 year external works programme. The project covered external works, environmental works plus the extensive refurbishment of a number of non traditional properties over a large geographical area and as a result the successful project management of the programme was paramount. As part of the mobilisation process one of the options considered was real time data capture and exchange between the delivery team and the end user. Following an in depth review of the pilot project an on-line cloud storage system (Buzzsaw) was implemented. This involved the delivery team having access to iPad2's that allowed the transfer and use of real time data with staff and customers, including latest surveys & specifications, photographs and the capture of customer satisfaction upon project completion. This enabled progress and performance KPIs to be monitored in real time. Residents could view photos illustrating the work to be done and the options they could choose from.

Merlin Works

Merlin Works has undergone a transition since transfer from South Gloucestershire Council to improve the service it delivers to its residents through increased use of ICT. Initially PDA's were introduced, trackers added to company vehicles and Opti Time introduced for dynamic scheduling of the workforce. Performance improvements have been evidenced throughout the process and ongoing improvements are recognised. The next stages are planned and fully tested and trialled prior to implementation to ensure the service continues to run smoothly at all times and no disruption is felt by the service users. Merlin Works ensures that its implementation of ICT is to improve the service for the residents it serves and the staff it employs.

Domus Maintenance Services LLP

Two years ago Shepherds Bush Housing Group took the rare step of setting up a joint venture (Domus) with our maintenance company (CMS). Domus is 51% owned by SBHG, 49% by CMS. Its 50 staff are part of SBHG and benefit from our culture and training (IIP Champion status) giving us a highly skilled, motivated team. Cost savings last year of £250,000 were re-invested in life-enhancing services for some of our most vulnerable residents. Improvements include real time information on repair progress using PDAs, a reliable appointment system booked when the repair is reported, text and phone to remind people when the operative will arrive, repairs desk open 8.00 am to 10.00 pm 7 days a week with email and on-line repairs reporting also available, and an effective CRM system to tailor services to the needs of individual customers. This year satisfaction with repairs hit 97%, making it among the highest in the country. Domus delivers even more ambitious goals as we sell its service to others which reduces overheads and offers our residents even greater value for money. In the past year this has paid for ten additional kitchen and bathrooms and allowed us to continue our home adaptation work for our most vulnerable residents.

Blackpool Coastal Housing

Award submission for The Best DLO, providing the most innovative maintenance service.

Scheduling and Remote Working Solution

Blackpool Coastal Homes Best IT Award Application

Wolverhampton Homes and Buzzsaw

Wolverhampton Best IT Award Application

Solihull best use of IT

Solihull Best IT Award Application

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