All Change on the European Front

There is a quiet, fearful anticipation in the trenches. After a barrage of consultations from the Cabinet Office on how to implement the new European procurement Directives in the UK, the consultation process has now fallen silent.

The journey to Celtic Horizons

United Welsh has developed a model which introduces new concepts including the “Complete Property Service”, a creative lean working approach to improving efficiency and maximising resources

The use and abuse of buying clubs

The number of housing associations, local authorities and ALMOs using buying clubs has mushroomed over the last couple of years. However, it does not comply with EU procurement rules just to choose a supplier from a buying club’s list...

Modern procurement contracts - are they the answer?

there is always the concern that adopting new approaches may just create a new set of problems and solve none, not helped by the recognition that we are often moving out of our 'comfort zones'. Working through the following may help and give confidence.

Audit Commission and Housing Corporation research procurement

Efficiency gains of £500 million have been claimed by the housing association sector between 2003 and 2006 and the Audit Commission and the Housing Corporation are conducting a joint study to assess how different methods of procurement can contribut

Involving residents in procurement

Earlier this year, the NHF published Your Place or Mine? a new good practice guide to resident involvement and property services.. What is the key message of the guide and how does it result in work improvements?

Procurement finished equals job done?

Investing in the relationship between client and contractor

Supply management

Travis Perkins

Preparing for Procurement

The procurement of asset management services gives registered providers the opportunity to engage with stakeholders in the development of a service that meets the needs of residents and the provider. The procurement process has 4 phases: scoping, procurement, mobilisation and contract delivery.

Procuring the contract you want

Maintenance contracts are often established for long periods and it is vital to get them right. The starting point in procuring the contract and contractor you want is deciding on your objectives. Achieving them then depends on planning the process and identifying the potential problems that may arise along the way.

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