M & Y, part of The Regenda Group

M & Y are a recently harmonised DLO with a high drive to succeed and a competitive edge. M & Y have trebled in size in the last 12 months and diversified into many new services, managing to maintain high levels of performance and customer service in their exisiting responsive repairs delivery. M & Y have won many awards for their best practice, social responsibility and quality of work. We have strong customer focus, endless passion and enthusiasm and believe our service is exceptional. M & Y has a very commercial edge and strong social values. M & Y staff demonstrate passion, commitment and courage on a daily basis and through this have very good resident support and involvement. M & Y are the contractor of choice for Regenda and are looking to become the contractor of choice for external providers soon too, the sky is the limit

Bromford Living

Bromford Living operates over 52 Local Authorities with a diverse portfolio from modern new build technology to Regency listed buildings and equally diverse customers from specialist young persons accommodation to housing specifically for the visually impaired and traditional supported and general needs. Services have to be adaptable and evolve. We have developed and maintained a holistic approach to maintenance that delivers exceptional results.

Parkway Green Housing Trust

Parkway Green made improvements to working practices which have saved £278,000 pa whilst tailoring the service to suit what customers want.

Three Oaks Homes

A key element to sustaining the long term tenancies is to provide homes that meet the needs of tenants both now and in the future. To this effect, Three Oaks Homes Investment Programme was conceived and designed to enable our more vulnerable tenants to have access and use of their home for longer, enabling them to live in a safe environment, whilst preserving their independence and dignity through providing sustainable homes. For example as part of our investment programme, all tenants have a real choice of selecting their bathrooms, whether level access shower, shower cubicle or bath with integrated shower. This approach has been an integral element of our programme in relation to replacing any building component. Through this contract we have provided real choice to all our residents and ultimately this has maximised the level of customer satisfaction.

Liverpool Housing Trust

In response to our contractors request for training in regards to equality and diversity and tailoring their services, LHT Property Services developed the THINK RED project and Measuring Up project, aimed at Contractor front line staff. This involved a "toolkit" which incorporated numerous forms of training.

Plus Dane Group

This award submission is from the 12 residents of Plus Dane Housing who are nominating them for their inclusion and engagement of residents in the procurement process of a £32 Million Contract for Plus Dane responsive repairs, out of hours emergency works, packaged repairs, work to void properties and gas servicing to 7,000 homes. Sitting alongside this process is the outstanding engagement and inclusion of residents in the process through the Procurement Commissioning Team and Asset Management Engagement Group. 'Our Story' tells you how it was managed and delivered from a residents view point and is an example of good practice to other organisations who want to include residents and give them more of a say in the quality of services they receive.

Bournville Village Trust

Our submission is a summary of the approach that the BVT client maintenance function has taken to achieve and surpass the decent homes standard.

Harvest Housing Group

Harvest set up a 7-year repairs and gas partnering contract with Cruden Property Services and PH Jones in 2007, to cover 10,000 homes, with a value of £45m.

St George's Community Housing

Cleaning and estate maintenance contracts are notoriously difficult to manage effectively. The client-side staff managing them often have little or no experience in contract/performance management terms. Robust performance benchmarking data is hard to find. What constitutes an ‘acceptable standard’ can be subjective and often varies widely between individuals and yet it affects every one receiving the service on a weekly or daily basis. Faced with a failing contract which is so important to our residents enjoyment of their homes and estates, a more radical partnership approach to empower our resident representatives at both a strategic contract management level, and ’handson’ auditing level, coupled with close partnership working between SGCH, Pinnacle and Ridge, has resulted in a dramatic improvement in service delivery. Resident satisfaction figures have consequently continued to increase month on month and now stand at: 99% Sheltered residents satisfied 88% general needs residents satisfied

Best Contract Award Submission

Great Places Housing Association Award Application

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