Green and lean

The national drive to tackle unemployment and create a culture of volunteering could be a godsend in social housing’s quest to do more for less. Using volunteers and young people cuts the cost of managing our open spaces, provides opportunities for training and apprenticeships and increases resident satisfaction.

The Green Deal

Tackling climate change, securing our future energy supplies and making a permanent transition to a low carbon, high growth economy is an urgent and vital task. At the heart of the Government’s strategy to achieve this is energy efficiency - being smarter about the energy we use by making the most of a precious resource and eliminating waste. And it will cut residents’ energy bills along the way too.

Making the most of renewable gold rush

“In any market, as in any poker game, there is a fool. The astute investor Warren Buffet is fond of saying that any player unaware of the fool in the market probably is the fool in the market.” Michael Lewis, Liar’s Poker

Microgeneration-achieving a standard

Climate change, international targets and government policy are all colliding to make energy efficiency and renewable energy massive issues.

Relish innovation in practice

The Relish™ (Residents 4 Low Impact Sustainable Homes) project was an initiative aiming to provide a cost-efficient solution to reducing energy consumption in occupied homes. Since its launch in 2010, it has been recognised by Constructing Excellence as an Innovation in Practice Project, and won the prestigious Relish™ Legacy (Sustainability) Award in the Constructing Excellence London and South East 2010 awards.

The Gas Benchmarking Index

In 2009 Pennington Choices carried out our first Gas Benchmarking Index with 20 social landlords. Repeated in 2010, there were some recurring weaknesses in the gas servicing and repairs policies and procedures of social housing groups.

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Our mission statement

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