Bournville Village Trust

Our submission is a summary of the approach that the BVT client maintenance function has taken to achieve and surpass the decent homes standard.

Harvest Housing Group

Harvest set up a 7-year repairs and gas partnering contract with Cruden Property Services and PH Jones in 2007, to cover 10,000 homes, with a value of £45m.

St George's Community Housing

Cleaning and estate maintenance contracts are notoriously difficult to manage effectively. The client-side staff managing them often have little or no experience in contract/performance management terms. Robust performance benchmarking data is hard to find. What constitutes an ‘acceptable standard’ can be subjective and often varies widely between individuals and yet it affects every one receiving the service on a weekly or daily basis. Faced with a failing contract which is so important to our residents enjoyment of their homes and estates, a more radical partnership approach to empower our resident representatives at both a strategic contract management level, and ’handson’ auditing level, coupled with close partnership working between SGCH, Pinnacle and Ridge, has resulted in a dramatic improvement in service delivery. Resident satisfaction figures have consequently continued to increase month on month and now stand at: 99% Sheltered residents satisfied 88% general needs residents satisfied

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