TUPE issues in tendering

TUPE crops up in different ways in procurement.


There may be trouble ahead! How to manage legal challenges effectively

For many organisations, the last thing they want to consider when starting a procurement process or entering into a contract is how this can go wrong. However, as a specialist in contract and procurement disputes, I see how quickly disputes can escalate and how the early steps taken are fundamental to mitigating the time and cost expended in resolving the situation.


M3NHF Schedule of Rates: maximising the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls

The M3NHF Schedule of Rates is involved in a large part of the sector’s finances, an estimated £1.3 billion a year is managed through the housing maintenance system incorporating the Schedule of Rates so naturally people are interested in any changes to the base rates from one version to another and the implications of the ‘potential’ percentage adjustments.


Skillexit – how employers can tackle the skills shortage challenge

A sustainable commitment to attracting, retaining, training and developing the best talent lies at the heart of every healthy business and economy.


Promoting diversity - women in maintenance

At Guinness, promoting diversity across our business is a priority. This includes the role of women in maintenance (WiM) where on average tradeswomen represent 2% of the workforce. Given the challenges of customer service and trades skills shortages in housing, our sector provides a great opportunity to promote careers and broaden aspirations.


How do we keep residents safe?

The Hackitt review has illustrated a requirement for a more thorough and transparent approach to fire safety that fully involves the residents.


The NHMF awards – benchmarking success

Anyone who has attended the NHMF Awards dinner will know it is the focal point of the annual NHMF Maintenance Conference in January.


An integrated approach to IoT deployment

With a growing number of social landlords looking to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help solve their problems, there are new challenges emerging relating to scaled up deployment and benefits realisation.


What makes a great contractor/client relationship?

Contractor/client relationships are comparable to marriages. To avoid divorce, it is vital there is commitment, shared goals, good communication and trust.


Lift modernisation or lift replacement?

The question many clients ask is what is more cost-effective, lift modernisation or replacement?

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The NHMF is the leading body representing housing providers, committed to championing innovation to deliver excellence in maintenance and asset management