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Common health issues in the workplace – a headache or an itch that needs to be scratched?

Work and health are inextricably linked, having the potential for both a positive and a negative impact on each other. Waddell and Burton’s influential review 'Is work good for your health and well-being?’ (2006) concluded that work is generally good for physical and mental health and that for many health conditions, individuals fare better if they remain in, or return to work as soon as possible.


An innovative joint venture approach to repairs and maintenance

An unrelenting focus on delivering excellent customer services runs through everything at Wheatley Group, Scotland’s largest housing, property management and care organisation.


Improving decisions on stock using new technology & data

Understanding the sustainability and longevity of an asset is a complex process. None more so than in the housing context when that asset is a customer’s home.


Brexit - what will it mean for me?

At this year’s NHMF Maintenance Conference, we debated the implications of Brexit through the perspectives of a housing association, a contractor and a European thinktank.


Learning from the Glasgow experience

The annual NHMF Study Tour provides a valuable opportunity for members to share knowledge with colleagues from across the social housing sector and approach common challenges from a fresh perspective. In 2018 we visited Glasgow to look at the history of social housing in the city, and to explore some of the innovative solutions being adopted by local housing providers.


TUPE issues in tendering

TUPE crops up in different ways in procurement.


There may be trouble ahead! How to manage legal challenges effectively

For many organisations, the last thing they want to consider when starting a procurement process or entering into a contract is how this can go wrong. However, as a specialist in contract and procurement disputes, I see how quickly disputes can escalate and how the early steps taken are fundamental to mitigating the time and cost expended in resolving the situation.


M3NHF Schedule of Rates: maximising the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls

The M3NHF Schedule of Rates is involved in a large part of the sector’s finances, an estimated £1.3 billion a year is managed through the housing maintenance system incorporating the Schedule of Rates so naturally people are interested in any changes to the base rates from one version to another and the implications of the ‘potential’ percentage adjustments.


Skillexit – how employers can tackle the skills shortage challenge

A sustainable commitment to attracting, retaining, training and developing the best talent lies at the heart of every healthy business and economy.

Our mission statement

The centre of excellence for improving property performance

The NHMF is the leading body representing housing providers, committed to championing innovation to deliver excellence in maintenance and asset management