Keeping out of hot water

It is a shocking and tragic fact that the Health and Safety Executive are aware of four incidents involving fatal injuries to tenants caused by discharge of scalding water: and a further three incidents associated with back boiler explosions


SHIFT is a membership scheme providing a comprehensive environmental assessment of an organisation’s sustainability and an overall rating.

Sustainable Maintenance social landlords responding to climate change

Sustainable Maintenance is one of the greatest challenges that faces housing association maintenance managers at present. It is no exaggeration to say that, in a number of important senses, our future is in your hands.

Leaseholder Consultation in the Procurement Process

One of the key things to get right (and potentially most expensive to get wrong) in procuring maintenance and improvement programmes is leaseholder consultation. Andrew Millross and Jonathan Cox give tips for a successful consultation.

Asbestos - Reaching Compliance

It is now over three years since the introduction of Regulation 4 and the “Duty to Manage” regulations with the main thrust of this new legislation being – as the name implies – to ensure asbestos in non-domestic premises is adequately managed. Unfortunat

Training to Succeed

This paper is the basis of the Kinetics Group Ltd training aims for our staff and how we view training as core to our success

Harnessing People Power to Deliver Sustainability

Every generation wants to make its mark and at Gentoo, that is exactly what we aim to do, investing our capacity today, to build for future generations.

New Qualifications for the Housing Maintenance Sector

It is one thing appointing or developing good quality technical staff – the other is providing a structured approach to training – either to augment existing knowledge and aid promotion, or indeed, to provide an internal programme for trainees.

Energy Performance Certificates

The European Directive on the Energy performance of Buildings is being brought into effect. As from 1 October 2008 an Energy Performance Certificate will have to be provided to potential tenants.

Delivering Tenant Services as part of Digital Switchover

The digital switchover programme is underway and all landlords and housing associations have to consider new aerial systems or upgrades to ensure residents can receive digital TV over the next four years.

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