Managing fire safety

There are a myriad of legislative and technical requirements for fire safety management. But success or failure is ultimately measured by the impact our decisions, policies and actions have, in reality, on our communities and the safety of our residents.

2012 NHMF Conference

The exhibition provides a dynamic forum for networking, sharing best practice and promoting new opportunities and services, and a mix of seminars and workshops address some of the strategic issues within housing maintenance…

Editorial 2011


Housing's brave new world

The world of housing is in flux. As the fog of war begins to clear we can begin to see what the future may bring.

Learning from the recession

Year-on-year growth, shareholder profits, and pots of funds on offer for community projects; it wasn’t a dream, it was the reality of social housing facilities management in 2009.

Has Finance been in touch about component accounting?

The latest International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) recommend that component accounting is introduced by March 2012.

What killed Steve McQueen?

Did daredevil action man Steve McQueen die leaping fences on a motorbike? Or racing fast cars? No, Steve died aged 50 from mesothelioma, a cancer caused by his exposure to asbestos. Pictured in the 1971 film Le Mans, McQueen’s heat resistant body suite, pulled over his mouth and nose, was lined with the fibres.

Service or surplus?

Whether an in-house repairs team or an external contractor is best is much contested amongst social housing organisations. But whichever model you choose, or are stuck with, running it effectively will be the key to its success.

Is every repair an emergency?

What happens if you remove repairs priorities and simply ask ‘when is convenient?’ Does every repair become an emergency? Does every customer ask for a next day repair?

Home MOT

Housing Solutions has an annual repairs budget of £1.3 million and needed to make savings. But where could we start?

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Our mission statement

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